El Corral de la Real Maestranza II (2016)


El Corral de la Real Maestranza II (2016)

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Digital C-Type print

51cm x 37cm including a small border

Limited edition of 7 prints + 2 AP, Signed, editioned and dated on verso

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Selected from the series Et In Arcadia Ego

Orson Wells once described bullfighting as both “indefensible and irresistible” and it is a practice which maintains a divided appeal today. Rooted in centuries of tradition, Spain’s bullfights are a ritualistic spectacle, which have become increasingly controversial in recent times.

Produced in a variety of locations across Spain, Et In Arcadia Ego takes the act of bullfighting as a backdrop on which to discuss man’s physical imprint on the world. Journeying from Madrid down into Andalucia, the project culminated in a stay in Seville during the ‘Feria de abril de Sevilla’, a two-week long fair held annually to celebrate the beginning of Spring, and hosting nightly bullfights in the city’s 18th Century bullring. By combining the spaces used for bullfighting with the ruined remains of an ancient Roman amphitheatre on the outskirts of Seville, the work aims to explore the role of spectatorship and its significance within human culture.

Contrasting the landscapes of ancient relics, with the overlooked corners of contemporary bullfighting arenas, these photographs speak of the way in which beauty survives in a natural realm increasingly encroached upon by the manmade. Through looking at the traces of human presence within a landscape of destruction, the work seeks to create a visual account of the habituation of violence within the ancestry of human history.